Freitag, 2. November 2018

Ungemütlich. Curated by Frederic Krauke with Mina Büker, Elza Javakhishvili, Marion Ruault, Mathias Richard and Others. Performative Acts. Berlin 2017-2018

Mina Büker.

Mathias Richard. Poetry.

Frederic Krauke

Ungemütlich performance cycle curated by Frederic Krauke 2017

Marion Rouault

Mina Büker.

Mina Büker performance view

 Performance by Elza Javakhishvili at Ventilator Berlin

Ventilator Space. Cycle of Performances curated by Frederic Krauke and moderated by Lily Fürstenow

Frederic Krauke and Lily Fürstenow at the panel discussion Feb. 2018

All photos courtesy of Mina Büker and Luz Scherwinsky

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Donnerstag, 1. November 2018

Tomoyuki Ueno. The Confined Fire Is Something to Burn Hardest. 2015

Installations from the series The Confined Fire Is Something to Burn Hardest. 2015

The title is an alleged  quote from William Shakespeare.

Photos from the Catalogue Tomoyuki Ueno. works 2005-2017.
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

Artist Tomoyuki Ueno with curator Lily Fürstenow and photographer Uwe Neumann at gh36 Project Space exhibition opening Inner Africa.

All images courtesy of tomoyuki Ueno

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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018

Franziska Le Wirs. Recent Works

Franziska Wilser catches the gentle dynamics between evolution and definition.  Her often surreal depictions of transformations in movement and meaning are forever alleviating.

Born into Berlin’s urban creed of grey skylines and enthralling nightlife, she has an affinity for nature and a great love for the outdoors.  Frequenting the outer limits of Brandenburg under the stars or not; Franziska brings much of that connection to her sought tranquillity towards the natural ebb and flow of things, into her works.

Franziska Wilser has over the years been a part of many intimate collections - be that performative, exhibitions, commissions or print.  Alone or in collaborative projects alike her work spans many varied techniques with a sure focus on drawing and collage. Not limited to this however, Franziska has explored paint, shop installations and lithography (gravure). 

Franziska’s most notable projects include; collages / drawings of characters, untitled, newspaper on paper.  Being part of many projects at Sisyphos, Franziska has produced posters for regular reading events and collages for a Sisyphos magazine.  The latter of which she also shared many of the Editorial responsibilities. 

Franziska’s performances are rooted in her time as a child spent at dance school, something she has practiced since.  Dealing with dance and performance specifically, she chose to express herself through a focus on slowness using the question ‘How quiet can the body be?’ as a chief source of inspiration.  Covering almost an entirety of Berlin a couple of her recent performances include walking predetermined routes through the city, allowing herself to become hyper aware of the contrast between her conscious efforts and the innocent yet chaotic city life around her.  She has also given performances at events in Leipzig and Festivals. 

In the meantime Franziska has continued her exploration of painting, drawing, installation and lithography and has found paper, in the form of collage, to be a satisfying media. Often using discarded magazines and newspapers, her reform of the structure and the characteristic uniformed grid used in printed media combined with her drawings perfectly exemplify the noted comfort in nature’s ebb and flow.

Paper is like painting in another way, I like the history it carries with it, the information repurposed for our time”

All images courtesy of Franziska Wilser


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