Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2020

X-treme. Curator. Lily Fürstenow. October 2020. Participating Artists: Martina Singer (DE), Thomas Manelli Mann (DE), Gerard Caris, Tim Cierpiszewski (DE), Franziska Stevick (DE), Tatyana von Leys (DE), Heikedine Günther (Swiss), (UK), Mathias Roloff (DE), Semra Sevin (DE), Karol Hurec (DE), Lisa Claire Stolzenberger (DE), Julie Davidson Smith (Canada), ROBERTO ROLANDO (It)

 Extreme conditions call for extreme action. Online exhibition X-treme is an ongoing project curated by Lily Fürstenow that aims to exhibit online the work of contemporary artists across the globe in an attempt to analyse the role of art in the times of crisis. Facing repeated Corona lockdowns artists all over the world experience unprecedented circumstances where usual creative routine is interrupted with dismal artistic and financial prospects for the future. It is essencial therefore at this moment in history to analyse art at the extreme and artistic production under extreme conditions. It is an attempt to take art to the extreme, possibly to its extreme and utter limit /as far as the online format allows for that/. What is artistic practice like during the conditions of X-treme, like pandemic, financial crisis, political volatility and uncertain future? It is important to look into the strategies of artistic production and alternative modes of exhibiting art under the pandemic conditions - which is in short the aim of this online show. Artists who would like to reflect on these questions are welcome to participate, irrespective of age and country of origin. All kinds of formats are welcome: giffs, moving images, drawings, paintings, foto, sketches, open letters and poems and more. This exhibition is a follow-up on the two online exhibitions curated by Lily Fürstenow since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in March 2020 entitled Art against Corona. Kunst in der Coronakrise with over 50 participating artists. 

 For participation please contact via e-mail:   /   Facebook -  Lily Fürstenow or instagram: @lilyfuerstenow   

Semra Sevin. Draft for the Art project comeptition Draussenstadt Berlin that was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. 

Extreme Bedingungen erfordern extreme Maßnahmen. Die Online-Ausstellung X-treme ist ein fortlaufendes Projekt, kuratiert von Lily Fürstenow. Das Ziel des Projekts ist es, Werke zeitgenössischer Künstler*Innen  online auszustellen. Angesichts der wiederholten Corona-Lockdowns erleben Künstler auf der ganzen Welt noch nie dagewesene Umstände, unter denen die übliche kreative Routine unterbrochen wird und die künstlerischen und finanziellen Aussichten für die Zukunft düster werden. Es ist daher in diesem Moment der Geschichte von wesentlicher Bedeutung, die Kunst in Krisenzeiten und die künstlerische Produktion unter extremen Bedingungen zu analysieren. Es ist ein Versuch, die Kunst auf die Spitze zu treiben, möglicherweise bis zur äußersten Grenze / soweit das Online-Format dies zulässt/. Wie sieht die künstlerische Praxis unter extreme Bedingungen aus wie z. B. Pandemie, Finanzkrise, politische Volatilität und ungewisse Zukunft? Es ist wichtig, sich mit den Strategien der künstlerischen Produktion und alternativen Ausstellungsmodi auseinanderzusetzen - was in Kürze das Ziel dieser Online-Ausstellung ist. Künstlerinnen und Künstler sind unabhängig von Alter und Herkunftsland zur Teilnahme eingeladen. Alle Formaten sind willkommen: Giffs, bewegte Bilder, Zeichnungen, Gemälde, Fotos, Skizzen, offene Briefe, Gedichte und vieles mehr. Diese Ausstellung ist eine Fortsetzung der beiden von Lily Fürstenow kuratierten Online-Ausstellungen seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie im März 2020 Art against Corona mit über 50 teilnehmenden Künstlern. 

 Für die Teilnahme wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an: / Facebook - Lily Fürstenow oder instagram: @lilyfuerstenow 


Stefania Pinsone. Ikarus. 2020

 more videos by award winning artist Stefania Pinsone working in Switzerland and in Italy see here

Stefania Pinsone. Exploring


Gerard Caris

Exhibition view, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2001

Exhibition view Sidney Cooper Gallery Canterbury United Kingdom 2018

Gallery of Prints, Exhibition Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1997

Rhombohedra Sculpture # 3 - 2, 2017, polystyrene, lead, paint
Exhibited in Projecting Pentagonism  exhibition in Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury 2018 

 Helix 2 - 2 Braching, 2002, stainless steel, 64,5 x 34 x 28 cm
Collection C. Ruppert, Berlin

Star Sculpture 4X -1, 1997, polystyrene, fiberglass reinforced epoxy, steel, paint, 100,5 x 44 x 20 cmExhibited in Projecting Pentagonism  exhibition in Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury 2018and in Negative Space exhibition ZKM Karlsruhe 2019

Polyhedral Net Structure # 3, 1977, steel, aluminium, paint, 200 x 200 x 90 cm

              Installation view Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg 2007

Pentagon Complex (PC) 27, 1995, India ink, coloured pencil on paper, 88 x 73 cm
Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 

Pentagonal Radiation # 2, 2017, oil pastel, oil stick on paper, 73 x 51 cm
Exhibited in Projecting Pentagonism  exhibition in Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury 2018


Thomas Manelli Mann

Fantasy Creature. Cycle. Chinese Ink and acrylic paint on acid-free paper, 21 cm x 29,7 cm. 2020

Price upon request:
Tel.: +49 (0) 151 614 38 978


Waldausstellung "Seeing Rocks, Think of Flowers" 

  Amelie Bosse, Lisa Claire Stolzenberger (Koeniksphoeniks Art collective), Miriam Hermsen (Cultur Centrale Ottenbek). 31.7.2020 bis 6.8.2020.
 Rasbraten. Schweden

 Waldausstellung "Seeing Rocks, Think of Flowers" 
31.7.2020 bis 6.8.2020, Rasbraten in Schweden
von Amelie Bosse, Lisa Claire Stolzenberger (Koeniksphoeniks Art collective) 
und Miriam Hermsen (Cultur Centrale Ottenbek)


Live-painting und DJ-Sets via Online Stream vom 23.9.2020

 Live-painting und DJ-Sets via Online Stream vom 23.9.2020, 
inklusive Spenden-Auktion für das Hamburger Obdachlosenmagazin Hinz&Kunzt.
Veranstalter war der Kunst-und Kulturverein Soko Kickloch e.V., 
in Kooperation mit dem MS Artville, Hamburg
Künstler*innen: Deborah Tyllack, Lama Boy und Lisa Claire Stolzenberger

DJ´s: Rolando Calrissian, le.fu und face*

Der malende Roboter. Lama Boy:

Ein Video vom 3.6.2020, dass sich mit ähnlichen Fragestellungen beschäftigt wie die X-treme Ausstellung, nämlich: Welche Auswirkungen hat diese Zeit auf die künstlerischen Entwicklungen, sowie auf unsere sozialen Kontakte?
Max Windisch-Spoerk und Lisa Claire Stolzenberger:


Tatyana von Leys

Posthuman Circle after Ingres/Portrait Mme. de Rothschild (ca. 60 works) 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. Mme. de Rothschild Is Going Crazy. 

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. Three Faces in the Posthuman Era. 
Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. I am a Nomadic Subject. Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. Mme. de Rothschild Is Happy in Her Home. 
Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. Mme. de Rothschild Meets Donna Haraway. 
Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 

Posthuman Studies after Ingres. Mme. de Rothschild Is Thinking about a New Job. 
Oil on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm 


Heikedine Günther

HG - Core No. 300 - Aug 2020 - oil on canvas - 110x165cm 

HG - Core No. 300 - Aug 2020 - oil on canvas - 110x165cm. Ausstellungsansicht

HG - Core No. 328 - 2019 - Oil on Canvas - 130x120cm 

HG - Core No. 328 - 2019 - Oil on Canvas - 130x120cm - Back

HG - Core No. 341 - 2019 - Oil on canvas - 110x100cm 

HG - Core No.415.  oil on canvas - 110x140cm.  2020 

Artist Heikedine Günther


Down to the Core

In our times when superficiality is omnipresent having an adverse  effect on contemporary artistic practice reaching out deeper into the core of things is a happy alternative. Core as the essential deeper substance underlying universal phenomena as well as artistic production is always worth taking a closer look especially in the times of crisis like pandemic, war and political instability. In her work Artist Heikedine Günther treats the concept of core as her major subject. What is the core of color, the essence of vision and how does core relate to the cosmic light and darkness? The paintings by Günther consist of multiple layers of color pigment applied one upon the other whereas the golden color serves as the very basis. This is responsible for the mysterious luminosity that shimmers through to the very surface and all along the contours of the oval elongated forms dominating the composition. 

The floating shapes work directly on the soul without destraction of subject matter or content. The paintings convey a unique equilibrium of color planes that evoke Goethe’s farbenlehre and offer a contemporary interpretation of the centuries-old tradition of rendering of color and light in painting. 

Heikedine Günther's paintings invite us to think of various stages of sublimation from physical to spiritual states that could be represented by geometric forms. The duality of figure and ground adds extra luminous vibrations to the picture surfaces. The non-perspective conception of space and anti-materialist idea of form characteristic for her work appeals directly to the mind of the spectator due to formal simplicity, subtle variations of color tones that results in a certain rhythm. The core paintings bring to mind celestial motion of the planets caused by cosmic energies that are translated into ranges of intense color applied onto canvas. The shimmering colours accentuate the Greenbergian “optical  illusion”  of painting and the flatness of its support. One’s eyesight is fascinated by the play of luminosity produced by the optical space created by the artist's hand.



Franziska Stevick

untitled 52x67 cm

untitled3.52x34 cm

untitled3.52x34 cm
untitled4. 52x34 cm

untitled3.52x34 cm

Price upon request:
Tel.: +49 (0) 151 614 38 978


Mathias Roloff

Mathias Roloff. Exhibition views. Banzin. Sept-Oct. 2020. 

Price upon request:
Tel.: +49 (0) 151 614 38 978


Martina Singer

Martina Singer. Face Behind the Mask. Performative Photography. Works selected for the  exhibition at the GH36 art space in Berlin. Cancelled due to the corona pandemic. 



big bang spirit. explaining thought reflections 2020, wood, acrylic, chalk, Led, 
80 cm x 40 cm x 6 cm

1/1000 sec. Before the Origin of Time and Space.   80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm,   LED-ART, wood,  acrylic, led-trafo

To Recognize  Knowledge Is Possible, 80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm,   LED-ART,  wood, acrylic, led-trafo & battery

Abuse of knowledge,  each: 80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm   LED-ART,  wood, acrylic,  led-trafo

The secret´s revelation     80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm   LED-ART ,  wood, acrylic, led-trafo  Detail, 20 cm x 20 cm , variation Nr. 2

Two Energies  Are One. Duality ,      80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm   LED-ART,   wood,  acrylic,  led-trafo 

The very beginning, genesis of big bang   47 cm x 40 cm x 0,5 cm,  wood, acrylic, led-trafo

Press. Kronach Newspaper on Karol Hurec's recent work:

“MUC” uinque    Hommage to Munich,    (here in twilight)   2018    stainless steel, acrylic, led      200 cm x 135 cm x 6 cm 

“MUC” open    Hommage to Munich,    (here in twilight)   2018    stainless steel, acrylic, led      200 cm x 135 cm x 6 cm  

“London sky glow”, 2018,    wood, acrylic, led      200 cm x 75 cm x 7 cm


"big bang spirit"
 white or black

one or two crossings                   80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm        € 5500,00

crossings,  three to nine              80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm        € 5000,00
Shivas dance                               80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm        € 5000,00

variations,  big bang spirit          40 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm         € 2800,00
                                                    40 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm         € 1400,00
                                           DIN A 4                 €  750,00

"hommage to Mileva Maric/Einstein"

                               size:           80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm         € 5000,00

Crossing mesons, cloud of mesons :                                    

ring of mesons                                20 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm         €    500,00

"ex praeteritis lux"  
light lines:                  size:            200 cm x    75 cm x 7 cm       € 8000,00
                                                      75 cm x   200 cm x 7 cm       € 8000,00 
                                                     160 cm x    60 cm x 8 cm       € 6000,00

All objects with battery or/and transformator



Karol Hurec. Catalogues. 




Julie Davidson Smith

Open Letter from the Artist

COVID has affected everyone differently, for me it has influenced not only my personal life but my artistic practice and the direction of my work. As COVID came to our doorsteps in the New Year of 2020 colour started to fade from my paintings. My lush vibrant works became a tapestry of figures navigating the darkness; a subconscious shift in palette and direction that evolved until I felt too overwhelmed to create by the COVID lockdown. Eventually I stopped painting along with the stop of everything else; school,  gatherings and all the simple pleasures of living in a community. I felt like those figures alone and lost in these new and dark landscapes that went on for miles. My focus became being a full-time parent, keeping my only child safe and doing home schooling for the first time from March to the end of June. My art and all the hope and inspiration I once had for it was packed up and put away with all the other parts of our lives that were in lock down. Then came Spring and with it a taste of freedom as my daughter eventually was able to play more freely outside with friends - COVID in Kingston where I live was well managed. It was not until the end of June that I had the mental/emotional space to paint again. Making art is not just about having physical space like a studio, it's also about having a mental space big enough and healthy enough to receive and process inspiration from our environment and within ourselves. Spring's sunlight and warmth opened up our worlds a bit more and slowly I began to paint again. Having been so removed from my creative self I felt a new found sense of energy and joy in painting. I also felt unleashed from the constant effort to parent and homeschool my daughter, I was like a horse released from it's stall ready to run wild and I didn't care where I was going. I painted with total abandon letting myself paint without worrying about whether it was part of a "serious" body of work. I just let it out. From this came a daily practice that helped my work evolve into the paintings they are today; large colourful bold works filled with pinks, patterned figures & animals moving through landscapes filled with light and the warmth of my new found inspiration. I have hope again when I paint and gratitude for my health and the people that I love. Living in Canada is a privilege."

Poster for Julie Davidson Smith's upcoming exhibition in New York’s Van Der Plas Gallery in late November 2020

Dreaming of Blue Herons. 48x60 cm. acrylic on canvas.  2020
Constellation of Spirit. 51x65 cm.  acrylic on canvas. 2020

Spirit Taking Form, 36x60 cm, 2020

Julie Davidson Smith. Exhibition views

Exhibition View. Plywood Series. 2020 (made during the lockdown)

Blue River. 48"x60" cm. Acrylic on plywood. 2020

Waiting For The Stars. 36"x 48", 2020, acrylic on plywood.  2020

Ghost Horse. 16"x16 cm. acrylic on wood. 2020

Between Darkness. 8x10 cm. acrylic on wood2020

Dancing Into The Darkness. 8x10cm. acrylic on wood. 2020

Price upon request:

0 49 0151 614 38 978





Péter A. Leigh

MASCULINE (Work in progress. 2020) 

According to the artist: "This is from a project during the first lockdown, work in progress but not yet resolved. Representation of masculinity in this hard edged and fragmented coloured way. The Pristine manufactured toys here repurposed and re-thought of as symbols of outmoded masculinity, a redundancy of a conventional representation - an object exaggerated, affected and verging on the theatrical. The fighting (frightening) element of the perceived role becoming camouflaged. colours functioning as a roll to take physical objects into a realm that is more optical and maximalist. The exaggerated representations and ideals of masculinity become more and more ridiculously camp as muscles almost burst like armour protecting what is underneath but close to the surface"


Tim Cierpiszewski

Tim Cierpiszewski. CELLAR 2019

Tim Cierpiszewski LIKE A HOUSE 2019

Tim Cierpiszewski.  TERROR EREBUS 2019






«entrée&hommage 2020» M54, Basel

«Premio Combat 2020»
Granai di Villa Mimbelli, Livorno, Italy

«Heikedine Günther» M54, Basel

«Aufbruch ins Ungewisse» Goetheanum, Dornach

Independent & Image Art Space, Chongqing, China

«Divided World»
Basilica of Saint Servatius, TEFAF Maastricht

«Women in the Arts» Orange County Library

«Malamegi Art Lab 14»
Associazione Culturale Imagoars, Venice

«Own the Night»
Envision Arts Online Gallery


«The Core is now!»
Galerie Artem-Reich, Unterer Heuberg, Basel

«Heikedine Günther. Core & Cosmos» Clarakirche, Basel

«Personal Fit: Utopie II» Kornschütte, Lucerne

«Heikedine Günther»
Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris


«Heikedine Günther»
Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris

«Heikedine Günther» Artmuc, Isaforum, Munich

«Heikedine Günther. Triptych Kern No. 285 – 287» Historical Museum Basel, Barfüsserkirche, Basel

«Heikedine Günther»
The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art, Victoria House & The College Southampton Row, London

«Heikedine Günther»
Malamegi LAB 10, Palazzo Ferrini-Cini, Rom

«De fils ou de fibres «
Abbaye Saint-André, Centre d’art contemporain, Meymac, France


«Heikedine Günther»
The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art, Old Truman Brewery, London

«Heikedine Günther. Blanche Blatt» WopArt, Work on paper art fair Centro Esposizioni, Lugano

«Corepaintings. Heikedine Günther»
Galerie Artem-Reich, Unterer Heuberg, Basel

«Heikedine Günther. Core – Paintings and unique prints» Galerie Artem-Reich, Unterer Heuberg, Basel

«Heikedine Günther. Paintings and unique prints» Livre rare & objets d’art, Grand Palais, Paris

«Heikedine Günther» Fondation Herzog, Basel

Publications (Selection)
Dagmar Brunner
Kunstwoche(n), in: ProgrammZeitung, No. 351, June 2019, Basel

2019, p. 21.

José VillarealClarachurch Basel presents a selection of works by Heikedine Günther, artdaily, 3rd of June 2019. ( Basel-presents-a-selection-of-works-by-Heikedine-G-uuml-nther#.XQizoS1XZBw)

Abbaye Saint-André, Centre d’art contemporainDe fils ou de fibres, 8th of July – 14th October 2018, p. 6.

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Artnet Gallery NetworkAt Art Paris, Artist Heikedine Günther Uses a Meticulous Painting Process to Explore Her Own Sense of Self, 5th of April 2018. ( works-art-paris)

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Ministère de la cultureDe fils ou de fibres, exposition collective à l'Abbaye Saint- André, 7th of August 2018. ( fils-ou-de-fibres-exposition-collective-a-l-Abbaye-Saint-Andre)

srfSchweizer Kunst in Paris, Tagesschau, 5th of April 2018, 7:30pm. ( 1930?id=eaa54e01-3528-4c4c-801c-f9d19a02ee2e)

The Global Art Awards«Heikedine Güther’s Art does not reflect the visible, but makes visible», 14th of August 2018.ünther

Collections (Selection)

  • Graf Schönborn Collection, Unterfranken, Germany,

  • Darwin Reedy Collection, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Christiane Leister Art Collection, Innerschweiz

  • Catherine and Bernard Soguel-Dreyfus Collection, Basel

  • Christoph Ackermann, Basel, former Director of Historisches Museum Basel

  • Reiner Speck Collection, Cologne

  • Dagmar and Lutz Helmig Collection, Munich

  • Micky Karton Collection, New York, USA

  • Peter Jäger Collection, Munich


Thomas Manelli Mann

1957 geboren in Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Fernstudium Neue Kunstschule Zürich
Über 20 Jahre Art Director – seit 2016 freier Grafiker & Künstler
Seit 1994 Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen – 
u.a. Blickachse Worms, Kunstverein Leimen, Kunstverein und Künstlerhaus Speyer
Vorstandsmitglied im Künstlerbund Speyer 
Wohnt und arbeitet in Speyer und Schifferstadt

Zitate aus der Laudatio von Kunsthistorikerin Dr. Susanne Kaeppele (Mannheim) zu seiner Ausstellung in Kunsthalle Speyer: „Sie sehen schon: sehr originell und gleichzeitig gruselig und kindlich… Das Nichtakademische, das Widerständige macht seine Arbeit aus… Mut und Ich-pfeif-auf-die-Meinung-anderer stecken da dahinter.“ 



 Gerard Caris

1925 Born in Maastricht, Holland

1939-43 Technical School Maastricht

1944-47 Military service in England, the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia

1947 Returns to the Netherlands

1948-54 Leaves for Indonesia and New Guinea in the service of an oil company, visits Australia

1955 Returns to the Netherlands, leaves for oil exploration in Nigeria

1956 Returns to the Netherlands, travels in Europe, works at İskenderun, Turkey

1957 Emigrates to the United States, works in New York, takes courses in art and philosophy at the City College of New York and New York University

1958-61 Leaves for Dhofar (Southern Arabia), works in the Arabian desert

1961 Returns to the United States, works as a site manager for construction and erection of the Telstar Horn Antenna at Andover, Maine

1962-64 Studies arts and humanities at the Monterey Peninsula College, the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies and San José College in California

1964-67 Studies at the University of California, Berkeley et al with David Hockney, Ronald B. Kitaj, Elmer Bischoff and Richard Diebenkorn

1967 BA in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley

1968 Returns to the Netherlands as a Special Status Student of the Art Department. of the University of California, Berkeley

1969 MA in art from the University of California, Berkeley,

works as full-time artist

1981 Guest lecturer at the Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Hunter College, New York

1987 Guest lecturer at the Universiteit Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

1993 Lecture at the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany (Introduction to a Pentagonal Form Language)

1999 Lecture at the symposium Art, Science & Technology, Faculty Cultural Studies, Universiteit Maastricht, the Netherlands

2007 Seminar at the occasion of the exhibition “My gene, it has Five Corners…”Lecture Hall Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Karlsruhe

2011 Attended the Seminar on the 3rdFadjr International Festival of Visual Arts at

the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art TMOCA Tehran – Iran

2015 Attended Conference "Calculation and Aesthetics" Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart, Germany

 lives and works in Holland, the United States and Germany

Solo Shows ( Selection)

1968 Newman Hall Gallery, Berkeley CA.

Student Union Art Gallery , University of California , Berkeley CA

Kasteel Hoensbroek, Hoensbroek NL

Kritzraedthuis, Sittard NL

Galerie de Sfinx, Amsterdam NL

1969 Galerie Dejong-Bergers, Maastricht NL

Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht NL

1970 Cultureel Centrum, Venlo NL

Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag NL

Galerie Design, Rotterdam NL

Galerie Kristiaan, Amsterdam NL

Galerie Van Hulsen, Leeuwarden NL

1971 Neue Galerie im Alten Kurhaus Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen D

1972 Galerie Van Hulsen, Amsterdam NL

Cultureel Centrum, Venlo NL

1975 Galerie Van Hulsen, Amsterdam NL

1977 Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag NL

1979 Cultureel Centrum, Almere NL

1980 Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven NL

Technische Hogeschool Delft NL

1981 Parsons School of Design, New York NY

1983Bouwcentrum, RotterdamNL

1987/88 Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht NL

1988 Stadtmuseum Ratingen D

1991Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen D

1993Kunsthalle, Bremen D

1997 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam NL

1999 Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen 

2000 Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt D

2001 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam NL

2002DSM, Heerlen NL

2012 KUAD Gallery Istanbul Turkey 

2015 Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart D 

2018 Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, Great Britain 

GroupExhibitions (Selection)

1969 Goden en heiligen in Limburg , Utrecht NL

2detriënnale der ZuidelijkeNederlanden Stedelijk Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven NL

2detriënnale der ZuidelijkeNederlanden Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen B

Made in HollandPlus-Kern, centrum voor constructieve vormgeving Gent B

1970 50 x 50 a Dutch graphical artist presentation at 50 different places in the Netherlands simultaneously NL

1971 Atelier 9Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL 

1972Gerard Caris en Ries Linnartz Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag NL 

I.K.I. Internationaler Markt für aktuelle Kunst, Düsseldorf D

Galerie Teufel, Köln 

1973 NL kunst uit nederlands limburgKoninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen B

Enkel des Stijl Neue Galerie im Alten Kurhaus Sammlung Ludwig Aachen D

1974Constructivistische tendentiesStedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL

36 graphiker aus den NiederlandenEine reisende Graphik-Ausstellung durch Deutschland D

1975Limburgse graficiGalerie Pryzmat, Kraków PL 

1976 25eWinterausstellungKunstpalast im Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf  D

1977Hommage à CasselGesamthochschule, Kassel D

Konstruktion, Funktion, ReduktionGalerie an der Neupforte, Aachen 

1978 Monumentale vormgevingCosa Delft NL 

1979Grafiek uit de BeneluxThéâtre National de Belgique, Bruxelles 

Suermondt- Ludwig Museum, Aachen D  

1979/80Grafiek uit de BeneluxEbes- Expo, Antwerpen B

1982Beeldhouwkunst uit hetZuiden van Nederland Middelheim, Antwerpen B

International exhibition of mail art Palazzo Nervi, Savona I

I sassi del finalese, Finale Ligure I

Goedkoper bouwen 2 Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam NL

1983/84 Franklin Furnace, New York NY

Libreria Petrini, Torino I

1984Chiostri di S. Caterina, Finalborgo I

Huset, Copenhagen DN

1985 Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych, Lodzi PL

Diagonale, Espace Critique, Paris F

GlassboroStateCollege, Glassboro , New Jersey NY  

1986 Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht NL 

Eyelevel / OoghoogteStedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven NL

1987 Verein für Originalradierung, München & Mannheim D

1988 PlanBonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht NL 

1990 Centraal ZuidArti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL

Centraal ZuidPulchri Studio, Den Haag NL

1993 Building plans & schemesmail art project, Cultuurcentrum Heusden- Zolder B

1994 Arte 94Les Pyramides, Bruxelles 

1999 Mail art project National Museum Sabac YU

2001 Documentatie tentoonstellingStichting Kunst Openbare Ruimte (SKOR), Den Haag NL

2002 Jubileumtentoonstelling DSM, HeerlenNL

2003 De bomen van Pythagoras Mondriaanhuis, Museum voor Constructieve en Concrete kunst, Amersfoort NL

2005 Lohn der Arbeit Städtisches Museum Gelsenkirchen D

2007 Ausgerechnet...Kunst und Mathematik Museum im Kulturspeicher WürzburgD

Mein Gen, das hat fünf Ecken...,ZKM | Museum für neue Kunst, Karlsruhe D  

2008 BRIDGES 2008 Art Exhibit and international congress of mathematical connections in art, music, architecture and science, Leeuwarden NL 

2016 Verknüpft. Haleh Redjaian und die Sammlung  Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt D

2017aakvlakken,Beelden in Leiden 2017, Leiden, NL 

2019Negative Space, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany. 



1960 born in Munich
based in Munich
artistically active since 1986 

2018 Group exhibition
2018 Master examiation Kung Fu, 
Ajahn Lao, Munich
2018 Exhibition, "Census to Bethlehem"
in Arskrippana, Losheim/Eifel
2016 Exhibition, scupltural interpretation "Census to Bethlehem" by
Pieter Brueghel the Elder 1566in the Bavarian National Museum
2013 Opera Munich, Opera festival, soloist Butoh dance,
"La trovatore"/Verdi, Olivier Py
2013 Participant Art fair
"obacht", Munich
2012 Group exhibition from Gedok, munich

1988 – 1990 Participant of seminars,
academy of visual arts, Munich

1985 – 1986 Cooperation with the theatergroup, located in Düsseldorf,
assistant in the design of the scenery and development of own roles.

Selftaught artist, busy in art since 32 years, located in Munich.
„10 seconds self-timer – that's how much time I have to position 
myself in my „black box“, which I built especially for the 
recordings in my studio. Blurriness is wanted. Martina Singer's 
photographs are characterized by high liveliness and lightness. 
Fabric – costume/everyday clothes, space – stage/scenery, light – 
color/black-white, time – entertainment/short or long exposure, 
mood – irony/seriousness are important elements of her photographs.
Various experiences such as an internship in the painter's
 hall of theatre, dance, movement work (Feldenkrais, Kung Fu,
 Butoh dance), appearances at the Munich Opera as Butoh dancer,
 as well as several years of attendance at a drawing school
 laid the foundations for her work. 
In the first place, the series „Mary“ was created, fairy-tale,
 fantastic and mystical. The protagonist experiences different
 adventures, travels different worlds, always with a 
breeze of humor. The second phase, the „Black Box Phase“, 
makes use of similar structures. Here the costumes used in the 
„Mary Phase“ are put together piece by piece to form 
an evercreasing costume, which is staged anew in the 
Black Box after each join. In the third phase, 
the protagonist begins to travel into reality with 
the completed costume and also other new costumes.
The „stage inventory“ is also created by Martina Singer
„I also deal with different women roles, take often ironically.
 Fabric, clothing, costume, shell versus nudity stage, 
these topics keep me busy.
Mythological aspects, - the animal, the plant – 
inspired by the butoh dance influence my work:“


Tatyana von Leys

Date of birth: 08/27/1956 
Place of birth: Innsbruck Tyrol - Austria - Europe 
Elementary school, Graduation from commercial school,
French and philosophy studies at the Faculté des Lettres in Nice

1985 - 1989 intensive examination of painting, works in different studios in Austria 

1989 to 2000 projects with the curator and art publicist Prof. Peter Weiermair (Director Frankfurter Kunstverein, Rupertinum Salzburg and Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Bologna) 

Numerous individual Exhibitions, Exhibitions in groups in Austria and abroad 

1996 Solo Exhibition 

Gottfried Schmidt Gallery during the Alpbach International Cultural Forum, Tyrol - Austria 

 Group exhibitions: 

Museum Odessa
Art Expo New York 

Art books: Galerie Krinzinger Vienna: art books wwwgalerie-krinzinger-shop at / galerie-krinzinger-buch / Contributions to Hubert Schmalix, Manfred Lang, Ursula Krinzinger, Reimo Wukounig, Hannes Mienek, Tatjana Wirth (name during my first marriage) 

Publications by Prof. Peter Weiermair (catalogs and articles for Art magazines) 

Public Collections: 

Klocker Foundation 
Tyrolean State Museum - Ferdinandeum Innsbruck 
Stadt Innsbruck 
Stadt Imst 
Land Tirol 

Portrait orders at home and abroad 


Essayist and Author: Das kleine Buch zum neuen Denken, 2018 ISBN 978-3-7460-5451-3
Essay for Unisversity Innsbruck / WuV Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Verantwortlichkeit 

My Subjects: Trans- and Posthumanism 


Tim Cierpiszewski

2003 bis 2009 Studium der freien Kunst an der Kunstakademie Münster bei 
Prof. Maik und Dirk Löbbert, 2007 Meisterschüler, seit 2009 Akademiebrief 

2007 bis 2008 Gaststudium bei Prof. Martin Gostner, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 

2001 bis 2003 Studium der Philosophie an der Universität Essen

Ausstellungsbeteiligung: (Auszug) 

2020 ICH SCHREIB DIR VON ZU HAUSE, dst Gallerie, Münster 

2020 TAPE, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

2020 POLAR, ARTWORK EARTH, The Atlas for Art on Ecology and Climate

2020 THE WRONG SIDE, Stroma Projectspace, Köln 



2020 RAUMWWW, Project by Daniel Hahn / Johannes Mundinger, Berlin 

2020A6 Murals Worldwide, Instagram Project by Lydia Wierenga, Ten Boer, Niederlande

2020 EILAND, Eiland Projektraum, Essen 

2019 WERKTALK, Monika Jarecka / Christl Mudrak, Berlin 

2019 LIKE A HOUSE, Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Osnabrück 

2019 Hilbert Cierpiszewski Kersten, Hilbert Raum, Berlin 

2019 CELLAR, Marie Wolfgang - Werkstatt und Praxis aktueller Kunst, Essen

2019 MGame, Stiftung Digitale Spiel Kultur, Mönchengladbach 

2019 DEW21 Kunstpreis 2019, Dortmunder U, Dortmund 

2019 NEULAND, Montag Stiftung für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Mönchengladbach Rheydt 

2019The Cologne Art Book Fair, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln

2019 Artist Work Release, Josef Albers Museum, Quadrat, Bottrop

2019BEAT DOWN MIDNIGHT SWIM, Knappschaft, Unna [E] 

2018 THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM, Salzamt, Linz, Österreich [E]

2018 HOMAGE TO THE SQUARE ARCHITECTURE, Salzamt, Linz, Österreich [E] 

2018LOUD NOISE, Tyson, Köln [E]

2018 AT THE WELL, Josef Albers Museum, Quadrat, Bottrop

2018 SYNCHRON, Matjö – Raum für Kunst, Köln [D] 

2018 ATRIUM, Kunsthalle Lüneburg, KulturBäckerei, Lüneburg [E] 

2018 Kunst & Leidenschaft, 50 Jahre Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen

2018 DIN A 4, Kunst-Quartier, BBK-Osnabrück 

2018 The Cologne Art Book Fair, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln 

2017Berufung, Beruf, Verruf – Zur Absicherung der künstlerischen Existenz, Lecture, 

(E) / Einzelausstellung (D) / Doppelausstellung 


Péter A. Leigh. Biography

Recent exhibitions

2019 Cyprus College of Art - Pafos. Gavin Turk - Portrait of an egg, Somerset House.
Solo Exhibition - Certainties (Positive - Negative), The Brewery Tap, Folkestone.

Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes. Chiara Williams Contemporary Art, Afternoon Tea: Works on Paper, Margate Festival. Menier Gallery, London.

508 Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea. Sikkema Jenkins & CO, New York.

Galerie Metanoia, Paris. Mall Galleries 7th Passion For freedom, London.

Kawasaki City Museum, JAALA Biennale, Japan. Hortensia Gallery Chelsea Exhibition.

Pump House gallery Battersea, London.  MuBE Brazilian Museum of  Sculpture Brazil.
 Institut für alles mögliche Berlin, Germany. Space Ophen Art Gallery, Salerno, Italy.  Hortensia Gallery 2013 Exhibition Chelsea. 
Mile End Art Pavilion Project 2012 London.  Unit 24 Gallery Passion For Freedom, London.  Cork Street Open Exhibition London.  Castel San Pietro Terme Bologna, Italy.  Random Project – Rich Mix Bethnal Green Road London.  Gallery40 Brighton.  The Stone Space Gallery London.  The Gallery on the Corner, Project 2012, Battersea, London.
Utopian cities Night of the Museums Buenos Aires, Argentina.  National Gallery Cosenza Italy.
 Dreamspace Gallery GFEST, London.  A&D Gallery (Post Ray Johnson) London.  Hackney WickED Festival The Outside World, London.




1948  geboren in MÜnchen

1969 - 1974  Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München


Seit 1970 ( Auswahl )


Kempten, Residenz

München, städt. Galerie 

 Erlangen, städt. Galerie

 "Offenes Atelier"Kronach, 

städt. Galerie im Rathaus

rth, Galerie Förstermühle

nchen, Haus der Kunst - Kunstsalon

London, P.O.S.K. Gallery

Coburg, Galerie am Hexenturm

nchen, Kunst im Lila Haus

rth, Kulturzentrum

Kulmbach, Plassenburg

Hof, Hypogalerie

Bamberg, Galerie am Stephansberg

Leipzig, MZvD Weltkongress 1997

Kronach, Kronacher Kunstverein e.V.

München, Forum Rutzmoser

Kronach, Kunstverein, LED-ART

Kronach, Festung 

Rosenberg, Retrospektive

Kunst am Bau, Fotostudio 

THRON, Kronach



Stefania Pinsone 

Stefania Pinsone is an Award-winning artist (EWAL Premier Art Award London 2019 Top Prize winner). Awarded by the head judge Professor Emeritus Dan Fern at the Royal College of Art of London. Her artworks are characterized by a powerful personal painting style that combines a strong figurative imagery with the elegance of a new contemporary impressionism of the digital age.

Her artistic project is double and dedicated to exploring both the inner space of the brain mechanics using a complex system of symbols and signs, and the external space, distorting the images as seen through a video screen in its multiple meanings. This last project is characterized  by extreme experimentation in style and in the use of different materials, among them Plexiglas, aluminum, iron, rhinestones, LED lights, copper, resin and metallic or fluorescent colors.

Stefania Pinsone was born and raised in Rome, she holds an MFA degree and a MA in Art History. After some years of professional artistic work - mainly in Rome and Milan - and a long period of art teaching in high schools in Rome, in 2009 she moved to the Basel area in Switzerland starting an international activity. Her artworks are published in the Art book: International art today – 2016 and 2017 editions, curated by Dr. Ingrid Gardill. Published also in the autumn and winter 2020 editions of House & Garden, Tatler, GQ and Vogue ​(The Condé Nast Publications Ltd, Vogue House, London).

She has received in 2019 the recognition certificate by the Ambassador of Italy to Switzerland, H. E. Silvio Mignano for being the best expat Italian talent in her field.

Since 2018 she has started a parallel activity of professional Graphic Designer for IES ltd in Basel 


MFA in visual arts.Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, 1997

University Diploma: Bachelor course in Cultural Services, Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2004

Degree in Art History, M.A. with honors, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, 2007


2020 Personal exhibition in  Gh36,  during the Berlin art week, 12 -22 September 2020, Co-curator Dr. Lily Fürstenow, Berlin.

Starting a commercial partnership with Vogue, House & Garden, Tatler and GQ(The Condé Nast Publications Ltd, Vogue House, London). 

Starting collaboration with E.ARTISauction Haus , May, Chemnitz (DE)

$€X¥ Gstaad, art exhibition organised by ArtsFemin,Huus Resort Hotel, Feb.-Mar. 2020, Gstaad (CH)

2019 Personal Exhibitionat R4L art Gallery Nov.-Dec, Seon (CH)

Premier Art Award Exhibition London2019,Top Prize winner(10/31/19), head juror: professor emeritus Dan Fern at the Royal College of Art of London. LaGalleria Pall Mall, London

Selected artist for the "Director's choice" in ArtMuc, October, Munich (DE)

Consignment of the recognition certificate by the Ambassador of Italy to Switzerland, H. E. Silvio Mignano, and the Italian Consul in Basel, Pietro Maria Paolucci during the 1st Edition of the "Young Italian Talent Day in Switzerland" (5 October, CH)

When art meets jewellery: Brahmfeld & Gutruf. org. by, Sept-Oct., Hamburg

Duo Exhibitionat Posk Gallery, 26 - 31 August, London

Platform for emerging artist #22, selected for exhibition in Leyden Gallery, 13-25 May, London

London-Kyoto FAPDA Award, winner in art print category, exhibition in Be Gallery, May, Kyoto

2018 Selected artist for the Director's choice" in ArtMuc, November, Munich

The Discovery Art Fair, with Parcus Gallery, November, Frankfurt (DE)

“Grand Salon 2018“, Villa Berberich, Jan.-Feb., Bad Säckingen (DE)

2017 Exhibition in the public museum Wanlin Art Museum, Hubei Art Festival, Nov., Wuhan, China

Selected artist atEWAAC 2017, category painting, exhibition in the Pall Mall Gallery, Oct., London

Selected forEWAAC-Artist in Residence 2017with final exhibition in Posk Gallery, August, London

Selected artist for Personal Exhibitionat Onepeak Hubei Culture Media Co., Ltd., TS1 Gallery, Wuhan City, with the agency Amalart S.r.l.May-June, Wuhan,China

2016 “AAF, Affordable Art Fair”, with Galerìa Gaudì, February, Brussels

Representationat Atkinson Collection Gallery, Chicago

Modern Woman In Art, Exhibition for modern and current art, Basel Art Center, June, Basel

LISTE 21/Art Basel - art fair,represented by Kaskadekondensator& Dr. Kuckucks Labrador,June,Basel 

ExhibitionatLe Dame Art Gallery, June-December, London

AwardedatEWAAC 2016 withEncouragement Price; exhibition La Galleria Pall Mall, Oct. London

“Seeking Peace: Figurative or Abstract Art?”, collective exhibition in Basel Art Center, Nov., Basel

2015 Double exhibitionin the art Gallery Haus am Bach, April, Sissach (CH)

“Kölner LISTE”art fair, with A-Space gallery, April, Cologne

Solo Exhibition, Art & Context 101,Art Gallery, October-November, Basel

“Satellit 15”, collective exhibition with SGBK Basel,November, “Kultur Nacht Liestal”

2014 “Under One Roof”collective exhibition, Gum Gallery, May, Moscow

“Cutlog NY” Art Fair, May, New York

“Frisch Gestrichen”double exhibition, Galerie Eulenspiegel,Aug.-Sept., Basel

“Copenhagen Art Contemporary art fair”,September, Copenhagen

2013 “Sommerausstellung”collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel

“Selection”collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel

2004 “Collocazioni domestiche: percorsi urbani”collective exhibition. Show RoomSMIT, Rome

2003 “Blerò” Personal Exhibition.Fondazione Katinca Priniand Contini Gallery, Bardonecchia

2002 “Nuovo Quadro Contemporaneo” collective exhibition. Palazzo Cedir, Reggio Calabria

2001 “Hellzapoppin”collective exhibition.Galleria dArte Mascherino, Rome

“Match”collective exhibition. Galleria d’Arte F. Russo, Rome

2000 Collective Exhibition.Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, Rome

1999 Personal Exhibition.Studio D’Arte Cannaviello, curated by E. Cannaviello, Milan

1998 Personal Exhibition, with catalogue, Galleria dArte Mascherino, curated by G. Marziani, Rome

Work experience

Exclusive Contractwith the art gallery, Galleria d'Arte Mascherino, Rome, 1998-2008

High school teacherin art history and drawingin San Sisto Vecchio, Rome, 2002-2009 and in state schools

Work order: double portrait of the client and his wife, December 2014

Graphic designer forIES ltd from January 2018, for Anapath Ltd from June 2019, Basel (CH)


Sant’Urbano alla Caffarella: nuove indagini e scoperte,Rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale d’Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte, no. 59, 2010

Stefania Pinsone”, Catalogue for the personal exhibition, curated by G. Marziani, Rome, 1998

Violence and Perception”,Catalogue for the personal exhibition, curated by Dr. B. Reuter, Basel, 2015

Inclusion in the art book: International art today – 2016 and 2017, curated by Dr. Ingrid Gardill,(May 2016, May 2017), IKH-Publishing Martina Kolle


Franziska Stevick

Franziska Stevick catches the gentle dynamics between evolution and definition. Her often surreal depictions of transformations in movement and meaning are forever alleviating.

Born into Berlin’s urban creed of grey skylines and enthralling nightlife, she has an affinity for nature and a great love for the outdoors.  Frequenting the outer limits of Brandenburg under the stars or not; Franziska brings much of that connection to her sought tranquillity towards the natural ebb and flow of things, into her works.

Franziska Stevick has over the years been a part of many intimate collections - be that performative, exhibitions, commissions or print.  Alone or in collaborative projects alike her work spans many varied techniques with a sure focus on collage. Not limited to this however, Franziska has explored paint, shop installations and lithography (gravure). 

Franziska has continued her exploration of painting, drawing, installation and lithography and has found paper, in the form of collage, to be a satisfying and inspiring media. Often using discarded magazines and newspapers, her reform of the structure and the characteristic uniformed grid used in printed media combined with her drawings perfectly exemplify the noted comfort in nature’s ebb and flow.

Franziska’s most notable projects include; collages / drawings of characters, untitled, newspaper on paper.  

“When people see my work, I hope they experience the world of details”


Julie Davidson Smith

Julie is an award-winning Canadian artist who has exhibited her work across Canada and is part of an upcoming exhibition in New York’s Van Der Plas Gallery in late November 2020. Her work explores the themes around the human spirit, our connection to nature, ourselves and each other - the collective unconscious. This unseen space that exists between all living things is a rich tapestry of universal/human energy. This invisible fusion of ideas, emotions and stories transcend the superficial boundaries we have created as humans - class, gender, geography and time itself. Julie's art taps into this "in-between" place where her passion for design, meaning, and storytelling guide her to the heart of it all - what it means to be alive beyond the superficial boundaries of our society and culture.


Roberto Rolando  was born in Turin (Italy) in 1963. He followed the painting courses at the Pictor Academy in Turin for a few years, and subsequently developed the experimentation of the various painting composition techniques. Of him have written: Aldo Spinardi, Carla Piro Mander, Orlando Perera, Dario Salani, Marcello Salvati, Luigi di Matteo and Livio Brescia. Lives and works in Orbassano (TO). Selected exhibitions: 1992 - Cambiano as Montmartre, 1st prize winner, Cambiano (TO); 1994 - Cambiani Gallery, Savigliano (CN); 1995 - Ancient Cloisters (TO); 1996 - Artefatti Gallery, Giaveno (TO); 1997 - Area Proposals Gallery, Turin; 1999 - Vianzone Gallery, Turin; Artissima, Lingotto, GALLERY Area Proposals Turin; 2000 - Memory of a Century, Area Proposte Gallery, Turin; 2000 - A.per.To opening of the Artistic Ateliers of Turin and Province (TO); 2020 - Chiesa S.Vittore by the artistic heritage of the diocese of Vercelli, (VC), postponed to May 2021 due to Covid19.


e-merginG artistS

ARE/Artistic Research Artists Group
Große Hamburger Str. 36
Tel.: 0151 614 38978

All images respectively courtesy of: 

Martina Singer, Mathias Roloff, Semra Sevin, Tatyana von Leys, Franziska Stevick, Heikedine Günther, Péter A. Leigh, ROBERTO ROLANDO, Thomas Manelli Mann, Karol Hurec, Julie Davidson Smith, Tim Cierpiszewski, Gerard Caris

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