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T. Magradze and T. Karumidze. Films

Film Stills. Au-Pair

ქალი ქართულ ფილმში. Georgian Film Festival in Stuttgart. ქართული კინოფესტივალი შტუტგარტში.Woman in Georgian Film. Theater am Olgaeck. 

Mittwoch 23. Nov. 2016. 20 Uhr.

Theater am Olgaeck.
Charlottenstrasse 44,
Curated by Dr. Lily Fürstenow

Au-Pair. Tamar Magradze

Au-Pair - is a film about those who choose the right candidates for the au-pair program and those wishing to take part in it. Is au-pair a lucrative business for those running it or a chance of the lifetime for young people? For those from Georgia it's a promising adventure, an escape into the rich and thriving world of the West. But who knows the difference between harsh reality and the rosy dreamworlds?

Tamar Magradze was born in 1988, in Tbilisi/Georgia. She graduated high school in 2005. Until 2007 she studied at the (Nikoladze Art College) in Tbilisi and at the Georgian Academy of Arts during 2007- 2011. From 2012 she moved in Berlin. Since 2014 she is a student of Berlin University of Art (UDK) in the class of Hito Steyerl.

 Zahesi 708

Film Stills. Zahesi 708

Zahesi 708. Tamuna Karumidze
Documentary, 2002, 45 min.
English subtitles 

The film is just like one week of life in Tbilisi of the 90s. Capital of Georgia after soviet system broke down and the organaised and usual lifestyle just vanished. We dive into the Georgian reality and into the real emotions. There is nothing to investigate. There is a lot to observe... just to watch… (T. Karumidze)

All images courtesy of Tamar Magradze and Tamuna Karumidze


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